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Spray Tan celebrities


Celebrities Who Love Spray Tans

Alcune delle celebrità sotto riportate bisogna ammettere non presentano una abbronzatura spray simile a quella naturale, il problema è stato risolto con il prodotto in uso presso il nostro Istituto di Bellezza concepito con ingredienti 100% naturali come l'aloe ed eliminando i conservanti come i parabeni.
Il risultato è un'abbronzatura spray del tutto simile a quella solare permettendo anche a chi ha poca melanina (pelle chiara) di raggiungere un colorito gold/bronze mai ottenuto.

The spray tan of some American celebrities must be admitted it's not really Cool, while the product that we use, gives a very natural bronze tan and gold depending on the type of skin ..
Spray Tan at our Salon Body Slim! We carry the best moisturizing base solution, with specialized dermal repair, anti-aging, skin rebuilding plant extracts and cutting edge technology ingredients found in some of the leading anti-aging market place cosmetic.

How Mariah, Paris and Lindsay and
the most beautiful celebrities Get Their Fake Tan..

Even the most beautiful celebrities need a little help getting tan this summer, Hollywood’s biggest secret to a healthy glow isn’t what you think. Celebs like Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Burke all get their tans from a Airbrush Tanning in New York.
Mariah Carey
spends $300 for a fake spray tan by having a spray tan professional come to her home. Mariah also has the technician pay special attention to her abs and legs, by faking definition.

Hillary Duff
goes for a natural glow with just a hint of a tan – avoiding the Oompa Loompa look. Lindsay Lohan has been know to overdose on spray tanning, she gets Sundara’s Cocktail Tan – a mixture of the bed, Mystic Tan machine, and tanning product which costs $80 a visit.

Sexy Brooke Burke
gets the Infinity Sun Custom Tan from Sunset Tan in LA, and she finishes it off with an anti-aging spray to firm and help prevent wrinkles- smart!

Paris Hilton
gets her fake bake at Completely Bare, she indulges in the 24 Karat Gold Tan which uses real specs of Gold!

How do YOU get your Summer fake tan? "da Body Slim ovvio !!

fonte: celebritybeautybuzz.com

Victoria Beckham's New Spray Tan
Come on, you didn't think it was real, did you?
Celebrity tan artist (yes, there is such a thing) Jimmy Coco tells the UK's Daily Mail that he's taken on Victoria Beckham as a client, correcting what he said was an un-Earthly orange glow (see right).
Posh Spice "understands the dangers of sunlight, yet wants a natural, healthy glow."
We are totally with him on the dangers of sunlight, but have to note that for as amazing as Mrs. Beckham looks, "natural" is not really the first adjective to come to mind. Well-engineered, yes.
At any rate, Coco promises he can take 10 lbs off with a good spray tan. "But in her case, that is not necessary," he notes.
We concur.
Fun Fact: Jimmy, whose real name is Jimmy Snyder, played the hot male stripper in "Terminator 3" who told Arnold Schwarzenegger to "Tell it to the hand!" when the naked Terminator asked for his clothes.
Click here for all the real-time Victoria Beckham news you need...and here for a continuously updated feed of photos.

fonte: main.stylelist.com

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is the epitome of a gorgeously bronzed beach babe.
"Moisturize to keep your sunless tan intact for as long as possible," Baraf says.
This will keep your skin "dewy, bronzy and fresh."
And Aniston's natural makeup look is the best way to show off that perfect glow, so steal these tricks while they're still available, people!
fonte: beautyriot.com

Tom Cruise
Looks like someone hit “tilt” on the Lindsay-Lohan-Spray-Tan-o-Meter!  Seriously, why would Tom Cruise do this to himself?  I bet little Suri Claus was behind this.  I bet if Tom and Katie spray-tanned Suri she’d look like a little Oompa Loompa.  Bitch.  She’s as bad as Bindi Irwin. Whore-faced-skank.
Tom Cruise was out in Tokyo promoting the life out of Valkyrie at the Ritz Carlton.  That all sounds terrible.  The movie.  Tokyo. Tom Cruise.  All of it.  As a sidenote, he’s starting to get his mothers teeth.  Ever see those son-of-a-bitch chompers?  Yowza!  Very similar to the Grinch when the bugs would crawl through his teeth.
fonte: imbringingbloggingback.com

kim kardashian
Dying to show off that cute new spring dress you just got but can’t bear the thought of pasty bare legs? Get thee a spray tan now! Here’s how!

fonte: hollywoodlife.com

Katie Price
Kate just looks a state in this picture. She’s clearly been in the sunbed too long and it looks awful!
fonte: gossipfever.com

Hilary Duff

Jennifer Lopez

If you want a perfect tan like Jennifer Lopez's, don't risk doing it yourself. "Go to a professional spray tanner and let them airbrush you," Baraf says. That way, you won't have to worry about a single blemish on your perfectly bronzed skin.
Lopez's makeup makes her tan look even more gorgeous. Rub a dab of cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a rosy touch to your bronze glow.

fonte: nycbronzed.com

Cameron Diaz

Jessica Bill

Eva Longoria Victoria Beckham

Lindsay Lohan

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